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Major Academic Lectures

Since the founding of CLLCS, it has invited dozens of foreign experts to deliver lectures, to name a few, Charles Bernstein, a leading figure of Language Poetry, Professor Lawrence Buell from Harvard University, Professor Wolfgang Kubin from Bonn University, etc.

Many home experts were also invited to visit the Center, to name a few, Doctoral Supervisor Zhu Hui from Sichuan University, Professor Pan Wenguo from East China Normal University, Professor Shi Xu from Zhejiang University, Doctoral Supervisor Zhang Boran from Nanjing University, Professor Ning Chunyan, etc.

CLLCS has provided two forums, namely, Foreign Philological Forum and SISU Forum to promote the communication between teachers and students. The former is rich in contents concerning literature, culture, translation and linguistics. The latter, mainly in the form of discussion forms a good academic atmosphere, and attracts many young teachers and graduates.

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