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Director of CLLCS             Professor Dong Hongchuan
Head of Center for Foreign Language and Linguistic Studies      Professor Zhao Yanchun
Head of Center for British and American Literature    Professor Dong Hongchuan (concurrent)
Head of Center for Translation Studies              Professor Liao Qiyi
Head of Center for Cognitive Science               Professor Wang Yin
Head of Center for North American Studies          Professor Zhang Tao
Reference Room Director                      Associate Professor Li Ling
Office Director                               Associate Professor Zeng Xiaoqin
A Brief Introduction to the Subsidiary Centers of CLLCS:
1. The Center for Foreign Linguistic Studies was set up in 2001. There are two full-time researchers and three concurrent researchers from both inside and outside SISU. The research areas mainly include the following four aspects: research of theoretical linguistics; research of applied linguistics; research of cognitive pragmatics; and interdisciplinary research based on the linguistic theories. Great achievements have been achieved in several areas, especially in the fields of cognitive theory and functional theory which are characteristic of our own style.
2. The Center for British and American Literature Studies was set up in 2005. There are two full-time researchers and three concurrent researchers from both inside and outside school. They all have doctor’s degrees. The research areas cover British and American literature in the 20th century and literary theory as well. Great progress has been made in the researches in the fields of Anglo-American modernist poetry, British and American post-modern novel, and Anglo-American contemporary literary theory.
3. The Center for Translation Studies was established in 2001. Currently there are two full-time researchers and four part-time researchers. Among them six are professors and four have doctoral degrees. Recent research of the Center is mostly found in: Study of translation theories both at home and abroad; Study of  history of and norms of translation; Study of pragmatic translation; Study of interpretation and translation teaching. Besides research work, researchers in this center have been offering such courses to undergraduates and postgraduates as contemporary western translation theory; contrastive study of translated texts; interpretation theory and practice; literary translation; technological translation; translation studies of A Dream of Red Mansions; a reductionist approach to translatology; western literary theory and translation studies.
4. The Center for Cognitive Science Studies was established in 2004, with one professional researcher and three part-time researchers from both inside and outside SISU. Among them are two doctoral supervisors, four professors and four doctors. Committed to the interdisciplinary cognitive studies of language, researchers are focusing their studies on cognitive science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, computer corpus research, and so on.
5. American Studies Center was established in 2012.There are currently five full-time and part-time researchers, all full professors and Ph.D.’s. Devoted to promoting China’s understanding of and Chongqing’s interactions with America, the researchers are employing multi-disciplinary theories and methodologies to study the dissemination of Chinese culture in America, China’s cultural diplomacy towards the United States, American races and ethnicities, modern and contemporary American thoughts, and U.S.-Chongqing communications.

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