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Established in Dec. 2001 and ratified as one of the key research bases for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Chongqing in 2003, Center for Linguistics, Literary & Cultural Studies (CLLCS) in SISU is an institute consisting of 5 subsidiary research centers: Center for Foreign Language and Linguistic Studies, Center for British and American Literature, Center for Translation Studies, Center for North American Studies, Center for Cognitive Science. CLLCS is of powerful research strength, boasting 9 full-time researchers in the year of 2002 and 2003 and the number increased to 19 in the year of 2004 (including 5 short-term researchers). At the end of 2004, some research branches and researchers were redeployed into the Center for Comparative Culture. At present, CLLCS has 8 full-time researchers, 16 concurrent researchers and 2 attendants in charge of office affairs and materials. The researchers in CLLCS are all full-professors, among whom 2 are supervisors of PhD candidates and 6 have doctoral degrees. Research fields of CLLCS range from foreign language and linguistics, British and American literature in the 20th century to translation studies and American studies.

Since 2003, CLLCS researchers have undertaken 20 projects at both provincial and national levels, obtaining research awards in many items. During the past 5 years, some 200 academic papers have been published in authorative or key journals and 20-odd books put to press by influential publishing houses.

In the mean time, researchers from CLLCS have offered quite a number of courses for both undergraduate and graduate students, and concurrently supervised a few doctoral students and about100 master-degree candidates.

Over the past 5 years, CLLCS has successively held the following symposiums: International Symposium on Romanticism and Modernity; International Symposium on Faulkner (cosponsored with Foreign Language School of Peking University); National Symposium on the Comparison between Chinese and English; China-Canada Annual Symposium & 20th Anniversary Memorial Symposium; Seventh National Symposium on Russian Language and Culture (cosponsored); National Symposium on Contemporary Linguistics; Third National English Expert Forum (cosponsored) and Ninth National Annual Symposium of Foreign Language Academy.

On April 4, 2008, leaders from Chongqing Federation of Social Sciences came to inspect CLLCS, speaking highly of what CLLCS had achieved since its birth

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