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Established in Dec. 2001 and ratified as one of the first key research bases for the Humanities and Social Sciences in Chongqing in 2003, Center for Linguistics, Literary & Cultural Studies (CLLCS) in SISU is an institute consisting of 5 subsidiary research centers: Center for Foreign Language and Linguistic Studies; Center for British and American Literature; Center for Translation Studies; Center for North American Studies; Center for Cognitive Science. CLLCS is of powerful research strength, boasting 9 full-time researchers in the year of 2002 and 2003 and the number increased to 19 in the year of 2004 (including 5 short-term researchers). At the end of 2004, some research branches and researchers were redeployed into the Center for Comparative Culture......

Dong Hongchuan
Liao Qiyi
Wang Yin
Zhao Yanchun
Yang Quanhong
Luo Xiaoyun
Hou Guojin
Zhang Tao
Office Address:
5th Floor of Attached Library Building in SISU
Tel: (023) 65385080
Fax: (023) 65385080
Email: cllcs@sisu.edu.cn
Homepage: http://www.gtw-lbs.com
33 Zhuangzhi Road, Lieshimu,
Shapingba, hongqing400031,
Academic Committee

CLLCS Academic Committee are composed of 9 experts, who discuss and make decisions on major issues of the Center. Among the members, 4 come from within the center and 5 from outside.

Those from other institutes or universities are as follows:
Dai Weidong, former president of Shanghai International Studies University; professor; doctoral supervisordirector of National Foreign Language Teaching and Guiding Committee
Zhao Yifan, research fellow of Foreign Language Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; doctoral Supervisor
Xu Jun, director of Graduate School, Nanjing University; professor; doctoral supervisor
Shen Dan, professor of Center for European and American Literature Studies, Peking University; doctoral supervisor
Wang Chuming, director of Center for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; professor; doctoral supervisor
Committee Members from SISU:
Dong Hongchuan; Liao Qiyi; Wang Yin; Zhao Yanchun


Director of CLLCS Professor   Dong Hongchuan
Head of Center for Foreign Language and Linguistic Studies   
Professor Zhao Yanchun
Head of Center for British and American Literature
Professor Dong Hongchuan (concurrent)
Head of Center for Translation Studies     
Professor Liao Qiyi
Head of Center for Cognitive Science    
Professor Wang Yin
Head of Center for North American Studies   
Professor Zhang Tao
Reference Room Director Associate     
Professor Li Ling
Office Director Associate      
Professor Zeng Xiaoqin
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