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  • Dong Hongchuan
  • Liao Qiyi
  • Wang Yin
  • Yang Quanhong
  • Luo Xiaoyun
  • Hou Guojin
  • Zhang Tao
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  • Dong Hongchuan

    Dong Hongchuan:director of CLLCS ; dean of studies of SISU ; supervisor of master-degree candidates majoring in English and American Literature and comparative literature; the post-doctoral researcher in English Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University; academic pace-setter of English discipline in Chongqing; associate director of Chongqing Comparative Literature Association; member of the Second Chongqing Committee of the CPPCC. His main focus of research is Modern British and American Poetry. He was granted award for outstanding achievement in philosophy and social sciences by the Chongqing Municipal Government in 2002, 2004 and 2006 respectively.

    Major Publications:


    1.Media, Transmission and Culture(Translated works). South Yin Shuguan, 2006.

    2.The Draft of English and American Literature and Comparative Literature(monograph). Chongqing Press, 2004.

    3.The Wind of the Waste Land:T.S. Eliot in China. Peking University Press, 2004.


    1. Empire and Classics: On Classics of Said.Foreign Literature Research, 2008 (4).

    2.T.S. Eliot and Classics.Foreign Literature Review, 2008 (3).

    3. A Review of the Ezra Pound Study in China in the Past 20 Years.Foreign Literature,2007 (5).

    4. “A Period of Dry, Hard, Classical Verse Is Coming”: T.E.Hulme and Anglo-American Modernist Poetry Movement.Foreign Literature Research,2007 (2).

    5. The Contemporary Study on T.S. Eliot in China: Current State and Trend.Contemporary Foreign Literature,2005 (1).

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